Paleo FX Health Entrepreneur
September 29-30 in Austin, TX
Health Entrepreneur f(x)™ is a business mastermind event series for leading entrepreneurs in the health and wellness arena. It’s an opportunity, unlike any other, to connect, learn and network in an intimate and inspiring setting.
$1,497 $1297 per ticket
(Price goes up August 31)
Space is limited to 80 attendees. Apply to attend.
Are you a Health Entrepreneur committed to scaling your business?
We hear you. And we’ve created Health Entrepreneur f(x)™ with you in mind.
Join us in Austin, Friday, September 29th and Saturday, September 30, 2017, for this don’t-miss event!
Tickets are on sale NOW for the much anticipated, fall edition of Health Entrepreneur f(x)™.
Space is limited to 80 attendees. Apply to attend.
And this time, it’s all about the ladies!
This edition of Health Entrepreneur f(x)™ will focus specifically on women's business. So whether you’re a female entrepreneur, or your business caters to a predominantly female clientele, this mastermind is for you.
2017 Female Entrepreneur Experts
Sarah Fragoso
Six-time best selling author, co-owner of JS Strength and Conditioning
Jill Coleman
Founder, & business mindset coach
Hilary Bromberg
Founder, Barefoot Provisions
Krisstina Wise
Real estate mogul, host, Wealthy Wellthy podcast
Michelle Norris
Co-founder and CEO of Paleo f(x)™
Special Guests Include
Sara Gustafson
Exercise coach, holistic nutritionist, & spiritual counselor
Brenda Walding
Co-creator of the Paleo Secret
Jess Poitra
NTP, personal trainer, & yoga instructor
Health Entrepreneur f(x)™ brings together leading health and wellness entrepreneurs whose passion is business, and whose mission is championing world-changing products and services.
Our events facilitate up-close access to thought leaders and successful health entrepreneurs, and emphasise digital marketing, best practices, and the down-and-dirty realities of triumphing as an entrepreneur.
Join us to hear short talks from industry leading entrepreneurs, group panels featuring Q&A, in-depth small group discussions, and badass collaboration during our a deliciously catered, paleo-friendly lunches and dinners!
Health Entrepreneur f(x)™ is a powerful way for you to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from those who are at the very top of their game!

You should apply to attend Health Entrepreneur f(x)™ if you are:
  • A female business or gym owner
  • A blogger or author
  • An app developer
  • You're in the health and wellness space, and focused on women! 
Committed entrepreneurs at all stages of the journey (who are ready to take their game to the next level) are encouraged to apply! 
Health Entrepreneur f(x) Events Feature
Featured speakers will give a short morning talk, exclusive to this event. Talks will cover marketing, business strategy, personal development, and more.
Work 1-1 with our speakers in a small group setting. Each attendee will take part in three break out sessions.
Spark an ongoing dialogue, before and after the event, with your fellow entrepreneurs.
Shared meals allow even more opportunities for networking and informal discussion.
Apply Now
Submit your application for Health Entrepreneur f(x) here. All applications will be reviewed by the Paleo f(x) team.
Space is limited to 80 attendees. Apply to attend.
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